Services and Special Operations

Standby Medical Services

Stamford EMS can provide an ambulance or non-transporting medical personnel for your next event.   We provide any level of care from single attendants to full paramedic crews.

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) coverage is comprised of emergency medical technicians, having the qualifications and equipment to provide you with basic emergency medical care. Capabilities include: airway management, oxygen delivery, applying dressings and bandages, spine stabilization, splinting of extremities, monitoring vital signs, administering CPR and using an AED.
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) coverage is comprised of paramedics who are licensed and equipped to provide BLS capabilities as well as: advanced airway management, cardiac monitoring and defibrillation, IV administration, administer life saving drugs to handle severe traumatic and medical emergencies.

Do you have a large area to cover? Our all-terrain Emergency Medical Cart is the perfect solution!  The EMCAT is designed for large areas, rugged terrain, and the evacuation of ill and injured victims to an awaiting ambulance, waiting in a safe and accessible location.


We offer volunteer opportunities for currently certified EMTs. Our program gives you the opportunity to ride on an ambulance using your skills and getting hands-on experience, encouraging progression to full Partner, working side-by-side with our paramedics once obtaining the necessary experience.

Community CPR Education

Stamford EMS Academy offers American Heart Association CPR courses and National Safety Council Defensive Driving programs specifically designed to fit your organization’s needs and budget.  Click here for more information.

Community Outreach

We are always happy to visit schools, churches, and civic groups to present on our mission or health and safety.

  • Youth DemonGST490_5 1207strations – SEMS provides EMS demonstrations to schools, both public and private, to educate youngsters about proper use of 9-1-1 and about personal safety.
  • Drunk Driving Awareness Seminars for Students – To combat the tragedies caused by drunk driving accidents, SEMS partners with local police and fire departments to create a mock accident. This hopes to raise student awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • File of Life Program – oie_transparentSEMS educates residents on this vital program that allows seniors to document their medical history, medications being taken, allergies to medication, next of kin, religion, doctor’s name and other pertinent medical information. This document is kept in a red packet on the refrigerator.  When SEMS responds, we know to look for the File of Life and use the information to assist in the care of that patient. This is especially important when the patient is unable to offer this information.

    Need a new File of Life Insert?  Download it here!

Honor Guard – The Stamford EMS Honor Guard provides funeral honors for active and veteran first responders.  The Honor Guard also provides honors and ceremonies at parades, awards ceremonies, memorials, and other formal events. Contact us for more information.

Full Guard

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